Mamas Gun at Under The Bridge | Live review

Friday 17th: for superstitious people it’s an ill-fated day somewhere in the world, a fortunate day in the UK. Still fresh from their recent third album release, Mamas Gun touch down at Under The Bridge for a promotional one-off gig which starts with the right foot and ends even better. Luck is on the band’s side.

During the wait before the guys get on stage, the atmosphere is relaxed. The venue is only full to its half-capacity but those who have come to see the show seem quite eager for it to begin. When Andy Platts & co arrive, the crowd gets visibly excited. All members are dressed up in elegant but extravagant suits – the impression that they don’t take themselves too seriously is immediately confirmed by the band’s attitude while playing.

There are concerts that will improve in time, others that simply fail to take off and some that maintain the same hype throughout the performance. Mamas Gun get themselves and their fans in the best of moods straight away: they’re having fun and they invite the crowd to loosen up and have a good time too, although solicitation is not particularly needed.

The funky-soul groove flowing from the band is catchy and contagious enough to make a few people pull shapes. The quality of the music is up to standards and proves even more effective live. Mamas Gun are fine musicians and Platts’ voice is impressive and flawless.

Each member is appropriately given the spotlight as they all indulge in short solos to the delight of the public.

Platts grabs a guitar for an acoustic rendition of Red Cassette which is much appreciated, Pots of Gold is reasonably one of the better received tracks being the first single released by the band: fans sing the chorus in unison. Let’s Find A Way is another favourite, Midas Touch has a different feel but is nonetheless captivating.

Some songs are more upbeat but it’s the encore that turns the venue into a mini discotheque and end of the gig in a raving success. Mamas Gun deliver a good performance impressing with their synchronised vocal harmonies and their playing skills but truth must be told: their best asset is their ability to amuse the crowd and to keep spirits high throughout the show. Keyboardist Dave Oliver is a card and an entertainer in his own right but all members alike contribute to the good outcome of the concert. Their audience does not leave the premises disappointed.

Verdict: •••

For further information on Mamas Gun, visit here.

Watch the band perform a cover for Led Zeppelin’s Ramble On here


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