Annie Eve at The Borderline | Live review

Surely it doesn’t take many people to fill up The Borderline, yet it’s interesting to see that even a new act like Annie Eve can do that. The venue is packed and the anticipation is palpable. The artist, currently touring in support of her debut album Sunday ’91, is then given a warm welcome on stage and a hearty applause after every track.

Annie Eve is quite chilled out, there’s little space for anything other than her music. Essential interaction with the audience, short introductions to the songs and the brief narration of a couple of anecdotes give way to what is most important. No frills, just thrills.

Backed up by her band, the musician strums gently on her guitar and delivers soft lullabies exhaling whispers echoed through the distorted microphone soundwaves while her face is illuminated by rays that radiate from psychedelic light designs. It is no metaphor, although this very simple device suits the performance perfectly. The entire concert is a sea of sounds that Annie Eve pours out playing and singing in a melancholic frenzy that can’t help but grip everybody. The room is no longer full of people, it is full of melodies and quavering vocals that make for the dreamy ambience created.

Annie Eve’s setlist includes mainly songs off her newly-released record but also tunes from previous EPs such as Elvis and Southern, plus a cover of Angeles – originally by Elliott Smith, on the eleventh anniversary of the American artist’s passing away.

The gig is mostly a collection of acoustic-driven songs: Annie’s beguiling voice set against a backdrop of atmospheric sounds. Good examples are Bodyweight, Creature and Bedtime (a declared favourite): in between country and blues-rock infused airs meant to enchant the crowd.

However, just when you think you’ve gotten acquainted with Annie Eve’s music, here comes a handful of tracks with the surprise factor. Crises, Kid Meets World and Ropes – the first single off the new LP – all start with a similar quiet harmony but soon build up and eventually burst into more rhythmic beats and heavier riffs. A well played show for this North-Londoner, definitely one to watch out for.

Verdict: ••••

For further information on Annie Eve, visit here.

Watch the video for Ropes here.


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