Biggest Foo Fighters tribute sees 1000 Italian fans simultaneously rock to ‘Learn to Fly’

Last Sunday a thousand between singers and musicians gathered in Cesena, northern Italy, to perform ‘Learn to Fly’ by Foo Fighters all at the same time.
After conceiving the idea in May 2014, Fabio Zaffagnini and the team behind Rockin’1000 worked hard to bring their project to life, organising and finally managing to host a few days ago an unprecedented event which they hope will resonate enough to convince Dave Grohl and co. to eventually schedule a gig in the Romagna region.

It took a year-long of efforts fuelled by dedication and perseverance to overcome the many difficulties obstructing the path to success, but the satisfaction of planners and participators alike make it all worth. Following months of promoting, auditioning, and crowdfunding, the Rockin’1000 team only selected what they deemed to be the best singers, guitarists, bassists and drummers, chose arranger and composer Marco Sabiu to direct the musicians in the Parco Ippodromo and eventually collected the 40,000 Euros they needed to subsidise the event.

Even before the official website unleashed the official video, enthusiastic fans had been bombarding social media with their joy for achieving a similar triumph. Understandably so, for this event not only qualified as the biggest tribute to date that’s been paid to Foo Fighters, there’s a good chance it will be able to persuade the band to grant the fans’ wish they played in Romagna again. Realising this might be complicated, yet there are all the makings for Grohl and his mates to at least seriously consider it.

The band is in fact known for being particularly keen on pleasing their supporters, surprising them with their generosity as it happened after the 2006 Beaconsfield Mine collapse incident when Grohl promised tickets to any Foo Fighters concert upon hearing that the two trapped miners had explicitly asked to have their music put on the MP3 players they were sent down amongst other comforts while waiting to be rescued or, more recently, when they invited an 8-year-old fan onstage to sing Times Like These with them.

While these were spontaneous acts, one wonders if Grohl and co. could remain unmoved by what Rockin’1000 did in their honour. Such devotion probably won’t go unnoticed but we can only wait to see what the Foos will do once they find out about it! In the meantime, fans worldwide are already enjoying taking a peek at what occurred last Sunday. See for yourself in the video below.

[Edit] One day later, Dave ‘Davide’ Grohl has already issued a reply, in his own funny but lovely Italian. Have a look here: A promise

The message loosely translates as “Hi Cesena! It’s Dave, hi… Sorry, I don’t speak Italian, just a little bit…a bit… This video… it’s oh so nice, very nice…thanks a million. We’re coming, I promise! See you soon, thanks a lot. Love you guys, bye!”


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