David Gilmour to play Pompeii this July

Brace yourselves, the news that has been on everybody’s mouth over the past few hours is now official – you can check Gilmour’s website if you still can’t believe it.

After much speculation, evidence first came yesterday when Dario Franceschini, Italy’s Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, twitted that an agreement had been reached and that as a result Pink Floyd’s guitarist David Gilmour will play two shows in Pompeii on July 7 and July 8.

Further confirmation was given today as a message on the musician’s website validates this statement and invites fans to ‘watch the space’ for further information. For the moment all we know is that Gilmour will perform two shows this summer, in the same amphitheatre which he already graced with his fellow bandmates 45 years ago.

It is highly probable that both gigs will sell-out in no time. In fact, these two concerts will undeniably be unlike any other. While any live performance by Gilmour is arguably likely to prove successful, seeing the musician play in the same spot where he played with the other Pink Floyd members in 1971 will definitely be a special experience for some.
Some others, however, claim these gigs are almost ‘blasphemous’ as Pink Floyd’s 1971 concert, filmed and turned into a film by Adrian Maben, entered the legend and is seen as insuperable.

Whatever the case, this upcoming event is now a reality. Gilmour will feature a leg of his world tour in support of his latest record Rattle That Lock in Pompeii and, according to some unconfirmed reports, these two dates should also be filmed to be subsequently released as a DVD. Although these performances might be overshadowed by the weight of history, the scenario in which Gilmour will play once (twice) more is guaranteed to provide for another unforgettable experience anyway.


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