Coldplay at Wembley Stadium (15 June) | Live review

Chris Martin

A famous quote says that “Every day in Africa a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed” and similarly every night after an event at the Wembley Stadium people know they need to run for their life if they want to catch the last train. That’s why on the last notes of Up&Up, thousands of Coldplay fans quickly grabbed their belongings before darting to the nearest tube station.

The journey back home may seem for many to take forever, but they all agree this gig was worth all the troubles. They know it well – they bought their tickets months ago, they awaited, anticipated. The night finally came and so did hordes of supporters. Chris Martin, Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland and Will Champion struck chords, rolled the drums, sang with passion. Coldplay came and delivered an unforgettable show, doing what they do best. In two hours the band entertained the crowd, shared thoughts and memories, paid homage to David Bowie and Muhammad Ali, honoured the victims of the Orlando attack.

Known for their strong advocacy of equal rights, Coldplay never miss a chance to promote their ideals and each of their concerts is a tribute to love in all its forms. Chris Martin and co. don’t need gimmicks to spice up their performances, but they always get away with such tricks as huge bouncing balloons, fireworks and confetti because who can deny they’re cool? It would be unfair to say that Charlie Brown would have been just as engaging as if it hadn’t involved the whole venue bursting with thousands of coloured wristbands. What about Clocks, with its signature laser show? The heartfelt Fix You never fails to move and excite the audience but it was even more powerful because the whole stadium lighted up as if everyone was holding a lighter, like in the old days. Call it Magic, you can’t go wrong.

The only letdown may be that Coldplay’s past hits weren’t given enough space. While it is obvious that the setlist mainly featured tracks from the latest album, it’s hard to understand why the band decided to play that many songs from their possibly least-loved record Ghost Stories. Other than that, fans who will be seeing Coldplay live in the next few days can expect to live the Adventure of a Lifetime – just hope for A Sky Full of Stars. In any case, a memorable fun-filled night.

Verdict: ••••

For further information on Coldplay, visit here.


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